Minna Parikka fulfills her customers' long-term dreams by offering vegan shoes for all our conscious carrot biters! Since everybunny deserves a guilt-free treat, these striking new vegan styles are made entirely from 100% animal free materials.


“My dream is to make shoes that are conscious without losing the fun and adventurous edge that my designs are known for.”

– Minna Parikka

Succulent sustainability in a form of a bunny-eared pump. This elegant and striking gold high-heel is made out of pineapple leaf fibre

Made out of pineapple leaf fibers, natural rubber soles and biodegradable stiffeners – beloved Bunny Skaters went 100% vegan

These vegan bunnies are the fashion statement you’ll want to make

Minna Parikka's vegan bunny sneakers fuse fashion, function and sustainability

Classic boots fell down the rabbit hole only to be ejected back with playful bunny ear-detailing. Combining comfort and style, these boots are made for hopping.

New bunny pumps hop on board: An elegant, practical design with a modest five centimetre heel. Fall in love!

Piñatex is a natural, innovative and patented new material, made from pineapple leaf fibers gathered by partner farming cooperatives in the Philippines. Piñatex fibers are the by-product of the pineapple harvest. No extra land, water, fertilizer or pesticides are required to produce the material. Piñatex is a versatile material which is strong, breathable, light and flexible. The material is also water resistant. Read more about Piñatex: