Come Back 15

The MINNA PARIKKA brand celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2020. In honour of this anniversary, designer Minna Parikka presents Come Back 15: A collection of favourite styles from previous collections, as voted by customers – and given a new life!


There’s a feminine twist on this smart casual classic. In 2013, Caracal became a hit and remained in the collections for several seasons, and for a good reason. As a comeback style, Caracal is reborn in two new colours alongside the classical black-white. The little cat has also a new and improved fit – wow, it really does fit like a glove!

BOW S/S 17

Bunny ears and gingerbread edge? Plus, a voluptuous bow on top. What more could a girl want? Three new colours bring the style into 2020. This is a comfortable summer favourite. It’s like giving your feet a hug!

LIN S/S 11

Lin is known for its wearability and functionality. In Spring/Summer 2011 she was the wanted addition to the heart lace collection. The hearts were already seen in the first collection and Lin was a shoe that made everyone’s heart beat a little bit faster.


She’s from the very first Minna Parikka collection in Autumn/Winter 2006. Polly became an instant classic and drew attention to the new brand. Idealistic and dreamy wings, just like Minna’s dreams had wings. The first collection was so innocent and pure. Polly is ideal for weddings and other important parties.


She likes to turn heads all the way round. A classic shape and a little heart cut out. This loved style was in the collections for many, many seasons. Starlet even made it to the official postal stamp! This Come Back style has a new addition: a crystal buckle.

"Bringing back these five styles in 15 new and colourful ways brings back fond memories of the ‘her'story of my career. As the brand has grown, in those shoes, I have truly grown into the woman that I am now."

- Minna Parikka -

Photos: Joelle Grace