Find out what’s waiting for you this year. Magical Bunny Horoscope reveals it all.

Aries: Warrior

Self-confident and spontaneous Aries should prepare for a year of change. Your patience will be tested, but after new experiences you will be wiser than ever. You will be drawn to travel and adventure, and your journeys will be successful and fulfilling - especially with a pair of bunny sneakers keeping your two feet on the ground!

Taurus: Classic

Calm and stable Taurus looks at the world from a practical point of view. The New Year will be full of energy for this sign. Every Taurus will joyfully soak up the summer months, and by then it’ll be high time to put some heart into your interpersonal relationships. Jodie will help you take the right steps to quicken pulses in 2020.

Gemini: Experimental

Gemini is always open to new experiences. If you are thinking of an interesting business idea, June is the time to make that stellar leap forward - the stars will be on your side! In Starlet high heels, you’ll have many reasons to be happy.

Cancer: Creative

For sensitive Cancer, the year 2020 may feel like a rollercoaster ride. Do yoga, spend time with your family and focus your thoughts on whatever brings you peace. In the summer, Cancer is feeling open to love: Just the right time for a romantic trip with airy new bunny sandals on your feet.

Leo: Powerful

Leo has strong creative energy that will power her through 2020. Are you ready for a move abroad? In the summertime, your new loafers will turn heads - slipping into these comfortable darlings could well mark the beginning of a beautiful new relationship.

Virgo: Attentive

Virgo’s organizing skills will be tested as early as January when your wardrobe is filled with new bunny shoes! You may feel like having a lot of time to yourself in the spring - and you totally deserve it. If your thoughts tend to wander to your work, be sure to consider your loved ones too.

Libra: Artistic

Libra puts her Bowjangles heels on and dances the blues! There will be no shortage of experiences or emotions bubbling up in the year of the artistic Libran. Usually you avoid hasty decisions - that's a good thing. But when you need help, don’t think twice about turning to a friend.

Scorpio: Charismatic

Scorpio knows what she wants and gets it! You'll spin on your bunny heels when an interesting person enters your life and really lights you up. Over time you’ve accumulated a lot of strength and perseverance. Use it now and you’ll get the love you’ve dreamed of.

Sagittarius: Spontaneous

The year 2020 will strengthen the active and independent character of Sagittarius. Hop into springtime with an open mind, as there are more experiences and activities to come than you’ll ever expect. Bunny shoes will get you biking, walking and jumping with a new energy.

Capricorn: Serious

The New Year is a positive one for Capricorn. There will be career success and some sort of sparkling prize in sight. If you’re thinking of investing in property, you’ll have the chance to capitalise on a shining opportunity. Glitter heels will take things to the next level!

Aquarius: Intuitive

Aquarius is under the control of two planets, which gives her a very flexible and strong personality. Personally, you are well on your way, but in 2020 you will feel a great need to help others. Aquarius always feel best dressed in heartfelt heels.

Pisces: The Dreamer

Pisces are wonderful friends and your teamwork skills will be recognized in 2020. Put on your most colorful shoes and dream big with your feet on the ground. Come summer you’ll need a little escape from everyday life. When you allow your true personality time to shine a person you admire will count on you.