Shoe designer Minna Parikka is known and loved for her fun designs, that are created by combining elements of surrealism, playfulness and contemporary design. These innovative creations have spread around the world, and are anything but traditional.

Design Innovation: Bunnies

Bunny Sneaks made their first appearance in S/S14 and have since hopped their way to the feet and hearts of women around the world. The inspiration behind the Bunny Sneaks is a bunny hiding inside the sneakers, not realizing that its big ears are revealing its hideout.

As bunnies tend to multiple, new takes on the bunny-eared styles include slip-ons, boots, and pumps. Our most recent additions to the Bunny Family are the sporty yet playful Logo Bunnies, with bunny ears in logo form on the side of the shoe.


Design Innovations: Lollipop Heels

The idea of turning a classic red lollipop into a heel came from a delicious notion of enjoying something sweet – as often as possible. There is a sensation of naughty or nice in these heels.

The lollipop heels were launched in February 2018 with several variations. The lollipop heel above, Joan, became a classic from the very beginning. Joan also has a little sister Anne, who is just as charming, but equipped with a wearable mid heel.


Design Icon: Hearts

Heart-cut shaped shoes with laces decorated with hearts. Every romantics dream! The Raquel and Jodie simply love a party. These classics have been a strong favourite since the beginning of the brand.


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