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Helsinki-based shoe designer Minna Parikka is known and loved for her fun and bold creations. Design innovations such as lollipop heels and bunny-eared sneakers are designer’s classics - created by combining elements of surrealism, playfulness and contemporary design.

Crafted in Spain from the finest materials with unparalleled attention to detail, the signature look and feel is gracing the feet of adventurous women around the world. The brand’s designs are sold in over 20 countries in more than 100 stores.

”My designs are like love letters from one shoe lover to another.
Life is too short to take style too seriously.”


Design innovation: Lollipop heels

The idea of turning a classic red lollipop into a heel came from a delicious notion of enjoying something sweet as often as possible - with a good conscience. The lollipop heels were launched in February 2018 with several variations. The new classic style, Joan, was born.

Design innovation: Bunnies

Bunny Sneaks made their first appearance in S/S14 and have since hopped their way to the feet and hearts of women around the world. The inspiration behind the Bunny Sneaks is a bunny hiding inside the sneakers, not realizing that its big ears are revealing its hideout. As bunnies tend to multiple, new takes on the bunny-eared styles include slip-ons, boots and pumps.

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MINNA PARIKKA shoes are made using over 30 years of experience in footwear manufacturing, using high-quality materials and excellent Spanish craftmanship.

We are happy to collaborate with our carefully chosen family-run manufacturing companies. Our Production Department follows and controls the production chain, starting from the source of the materials to prototyping and manufacturing to customer feedback. Maintaining and improving our status as a leader in producing exquisitely detailed, high quality products is our number 1 priority.

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