Behind all these magical shoes, there is only one extraordinary woman. Designer Minna Parikka creates over 50 new designs a year, with which she encourages all women to explore fashion in an entertaining and flirty manner. Minna’s unconventional and iconic world allows countless of women to express their true selves. All women should stand on their very own feet without anybody telling them how they should look, think or live.

Creativity, Quality & Distinctiviness

‘’Life is an adventure and it is too short to be walked in dull shoes. I am inspred by experiencing anything new. Although I’d love to spend every minute travelling, my home is where I feel most creative. I am a visual person and I live through seeing. As well as creativity, high quality and distinctiveness are the most important elements in my products.’’

Minna Parikka

Toy-like Details & Colours

Minna Parikka’s visionary design philosophy stems from the nature of shoes as independent items – unlike clothing, they have a life and identity of their own. Shoes are 3-dimensional objects of fantasy, focal points for desire that are interesting even when they’re not being worn. Designing shoes demands an eye for both fashion and functionality; the user should get a kick out of good shoes… both figuratively and literally.

“Shoes can often be very sculptural. But wearability is the key when I design. I use a lot of toy-like details and colours which add to their essence.”

Minna Parikka

Creative Space

At the age of seven, cosmopolitan Minna Parikka had already travelled to over 20 countries with her family. As a balance to her worldly lifestyle, nowadays Minna designs her collections almost exclusively at her home in Helsinki.

“When it is time to design a new collection, I get up early and go straight to my desk. It’s very likely that I will be working throughout the whole day and even in my pyjamas. I can be 100% me and create intuitively.”

Minna Parikka

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