PRIVACY AND COOKIE POLICY / MINNA PARIKKA                                  [16.11.2015]

This policy describes which personal data Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd collects of you and how they are used. This policy also describes how we use cookies on our website.

Personal information

We handle personal information which is received from you or which we have collected by using cookies on our website, in order to administer your purchases and fulfil our obligations to you as our customer. Personal information handled by Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd includes name (first and last name), address information, phone number and email, purchased products and information related to

Use of personal information

Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd handles personal information in the following purposes:

•    offering products, personalization and development, ensuring the functionality of services, use and administration of the website
•    handling orders and complying to agreements between the customer and Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd
•    marketing purposes of the communication measures (such as, concluding market surveys or informing customers on new products and discounts). We need to have a permission from you prior to using your personal information to marketing purposes.

Our services may be provided using resources and servers located in various countries. Therefore your personal data may be transferred across international borders outside the country where you use our services.

Protection of the personal information

Only designated Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd’s empolyees and employees of such companies which act on behalf or for Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd shall be granted a personal access to customer data files. The systems are protected with a firewall which protects connections coming outside of Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd. However, sending information over internet is never totally safe, so sending information is on the liability of the customer.

Review, update and changes to the personal information

You have a right to receive information on which of your personal information is used by us, regardless of the measure of collection used. If you wish to receive this information, you have to send us a written request. According to applicable data privacy laws you have to sign your request appropriately and send it by mail to the address provided on the website.

Your personal infomation is not used for direct marketing if you forbid such use.

Cookies (cookie policy)

Cookies are small files which the server saves into your computer or other device while you are using the website. They will be stored into the hard drive. Cookies are important for ensuring fluent use of the websites and once you next time visit the website, the browser will read the cookie and transmit the information back to the website or to the element which has created the cookie.

Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd uses the cookies for example for the following purposes:

Logging to the user account – remembering the log in so the user does not have to log in separately every time

Analytics/ Basic functions – in order to analyze the user volumes, geographical division, language and country settings, lenght of the visits and other information related to the use

Ad Words/ Marketing – in order to offer advertisements dynamically both on Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd’s and third party websites

Preferences/ shopping cart – information on the products, which interest the user or have been added to the shopping cart

Administering the cookies and prohibiting them: You may stop using the cookies in various ways in different browsers, but usually the setting is located in Tools or Settings –menu. you may also allow the cookies and remove them later on, if your browser enables such option. Also files which are similar to cookies (such as flash cookies) may usually be administered by using the privacy settings in your browser. Please note that not allowing the cookies may prevent you from using certain parts of our website.

Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd may use third party controlled marketing cookies to present its products on third party websites. You may remove certain third party marketing cookies on those third party websites.

Validity time of the cookies

The validity time of the information varies depending on the cookie. Session cookies will expire once the browser is closed. Persistent cookies will expire in accordance with their validity time.

Changes to privacy and cookie policies

Minna Parikka Shoes Oy Ltd reserves a right to modify the privacy and cookie polices from time to time. Once we publish the changes, the date in the upper corner of the privacy and cookie policy shall be changed to a date on which the changes become valid.

Contact details

Should you have any questions concerning the privacy and cookie policy, please contact us by email: